Full Circle Brewing Tour: Road Diary #24

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By Mahalia Breen

Friday, September 15, 2017

Day 26: Ohio

Miles Driven: 0

Travel Time: 0

Beers: Jackie O's

Razz Wheat Raspberry Wheat Beer

Secret Password Pre-prohibition lager

Rat-a-tat-tat grapefruit radler

Cellar cuvée blended barleywine

3 versions of Oil of Aphrodite imperial stout

Off the Beaten Path 2 mixed fermentation saison

Raspberry Berlinerweiss

Moon Man Pale Ale

Ryan woke up on Brad's couch at 8:45 a.m. Then he came back to the hotel to shower and change clothes. The brew day started at 6 a.m., but luckily their brewer Tim was in to get things started.

When Ryan and Brad arrived at Jackie O's production facility they started a second mash of our carrot cake collab and checked in on the first.

After they made sure everything was going smoothly, they headed over to the brewpub so Ryan could see how Jackie O's was started.

He was surprised by how small and tight the original brewery was. A lot of it was crammed down in the basement, which would make for a lot of squeezing into tight spaces and hunching over.

Anyone over six-feet-tall would have been banging their head a lot.

But from these humble beginnings they have expanded their operations to more than ten times their original size in the 12 years they have been open.

They gained acclaim for their barrel-aged beers and have maintained a strong reputation in the brewing community for producing beers of a consistently high standard.

Everything we tasted from them was delicious, and we hopefully left them with an equally tasty beer in their fermenters.

(Editor’s Note: Mahalia Breen and her husband, Ryan, are relocating their brewing business from Vermont to North Carolina. Before that, they embarked on one last grand adventure: The Full Circle Brewing Tour. They did a big lap around the country for the whole month of July, driving through 26 states, doing six collaboration brews with breweries across the country and seeing some of the best sites this country has to offer.)