Letters to the Editor

April 21, 2018

As long as Trump supporters keep their heads buried in the sand, the more Trump feels he can get away with his unlawful acts.

Trump said it himself, "I can walk down 5th Avenue, and shoot someone, and I wouldn't lose any voters." Not your loyal base Trump, but you have now angered the FBI, the…

April 20, 2018

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is not the answer to the American dream for Nash County residents or anyone along the proposed route of the pipeline.

As many of us who oppose this project have said since news of this project broke, it is not an economic panacea. It won’t fix our job woes, and…

April 19, 2018

Working for the government is supposed to be public service; it was never intended for a person to make a career out of government service. Neither are government employees to use the power of government for their financial gain.

Townhall columnist Brian Darling served in three different capacities…

April 18, 2018

April 18 marks National Lineman Appreciation Day, and I’d like to thank our state’s lineworkers for their commitment to keeping our power reliable and our communities safe.

Being a lineworker is no small feat — it requires long hours, time away from family and the…

April 17, 2018

Donald Trump claimed once he became president, things would be different.

Well, things did become different and in some instances worse. The swamp he has been draining has been his own cabinet members. If Scott Pruitt is not removed for his lavish spending at taxpayers' expense, then Trump has lied…

April 16, 2018

I am thankful we have students and an elementary school counselor who have chosen to make an impact on the problem of bullying in our schools.

There is no place for that kind of behavior anywhere, but especially in our schools where students go to learn scholastically as well as learn how to get…

April 15, 2018

The idea of a "trade war" is misinformation at it's worse. The U.S. has been engaged in a trade war for decades. And we've been losing badly.

Along comes President Trump, willing to defend America's interests, and the globalist corporations and their media whip up unnecessary anxieties with both…

April 14, 2018

Recently, the Rocky Mount Telegram, as Today’s Editorial, re-printed an article titled “Norfolk pipeline vote was realistic” taken from The Norfolk Virginian-Pilot. Is the Telegram also considering all current opposition here in Nash County as foolishness because the…

April 13, 2018

Well, the cat is out of the bag and the curtains have been pulled back.

The left wants to deny U.S. citizens the constitutional right to own firearms by repealing the 2nd Amendment. Past history tells us when the left puts forth wacky, they mean it. What word in "Shall not be infringed"…

April 12, 2018

The Russians are coming! That catchy phrase made for a movie back years and years ago.

It was during the Cold War, that epic 40 years plus struggle against the former Soviet Union.

Gee, but it seems like a long time ago now. Did the Cold War really last 40 years? It did. Forty-five years to be…

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