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January 07, 2019

As dysfunctional as Congress has become, it does manage to enact some useful bills. One of them, the Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018, was championed by outgoing Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Washington). It promotes data-sharing and policy evaluation throughout…

john hood.jpg

January 06, 2019

In his second year in office, the list of extraordinary things President Trump has done, for good and ill, continued to grow. Today, I offer my annual list of the 10 best things Trump has done in office. The 10 worst will follow.

10. He has secured the release of 19 people, including 16 Americans,…


January 05, 2019

No self-respecting columnist passes up the obligatory prediction column the first week of the year. So here goes mine.

The first test will set the tone for 2019. It’s the lingering 9th Congressional District election. This story reminds me of the old black and white westerns, where the…

Tom Campbell

January 04, 2019

It has begun.

The field of candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination is starting to form, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., announcing Monday that she has launched a campaign "exploratory committee" — the same step that former housing and urban development secretary Julian…

Eugene Robinson

December 31, 2018

As another year draws to a close, a year of Democratic resurgence in both national and local politics, I offer this challenge to incumbent and newly elected lawmakers alike. Do you really want to be leaders? Or do you just want to be politicians?

A mastery of politics is required to lead…

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December 27, 2018

Potentially illegal absentee ballot activities in Bladen County should never have affected the 2018 congressional election.

The allegations were public knowledge — and national news — two years before, but a breakdown in election law enforcement left the matter unresolved for this…

Colin Campbell

December 23, 2018

During his time in CIA custody, 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told his interrogator something prophetic.

The United States may enjoy some fleeting battlefield successes, Mohammed declared, but in the end "we will win because Americans don't realize ... we do not need to defeat you…


December 22, 2018

While the term “whataboutism” may be relatively new — coined within the last few decades, and newly prominent in the age of Donald Trump — the logical fallacy it denotes is as ancient as politics itself.

The rhetorical trick goes something like this. A political leader or…

john hood.jpg

December 21, 2018

The week before Christmas may go down as the strangest and most revealing of Donald Trump's presidency.

Over just a few days, his sheer thuggishness, venality and corruption were laid bare. But it was also a time for Trumpian good deeds that allowed us a glimpse at how he might have governed if he…


December 19, 2018

Our arguments over a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border encapsulate much of what's wrong with American politics. The wall has become a much larger issue than it deserves to be, and the parties have been unable to make a deal over it that ought to be easy to make.

The debate is overwrought on both sides.…

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